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The Big Think: An Elusive Brand Hallmark that David Ogilvy Understood

Brand hallmarks are an essential part of building a brand.  Color, typography, and the usual suspects are all part of the list.  There’s nothing new here. Enter David Ogilvy and the man in the Hathaway shirt. At first glance you see a distinguished man with his classic white shirt. But what about that eye patch!!??  What […]

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Truth in Advertising

I propose that we take the well-known expression “truth in advertising” and give it a new and expansive meaning for the brave new world of healthcare, of which we are all a part. The term was first created by the Federal Government to name a set of laws protecting the consumer against false and/or harmful […]

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A Growing Cost Consciousness in Oncology

Diagnostics are improving.  The US population is aging. Patients are living longer. Pipelines are filled disproportionately with both large and small molecules targeted across numerous tumor types. An increased number of generically available cancer therapies and biosimilars are looming on the horizon. With all these factors at work, the United States healthcare system continues to […]

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The Digital Revolution: A Healthy Dose of Empowerment

Better. Faster. Safer. These are the core messages of almost every pharmaceutical product.  Better efficacy, faster action and a safer result all drive clinical acceptance and use.  It’s a manufacturer’s dream and a sales representative’s golden opportunity. But in today’s digital world, information itself can now make the robust claim of better, faster and safer!  […]

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