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Pinterest and the Patient

Is there room for another social network in your life? You may want to make some for Pinterest. The invite-only network has over 19 million users and counting. At first glance, the site may seem overwhelmingly fashion-focused. But delve deeper, and you’ll see that professionals from marketers to healthcare providers, consumers, and patients of all […]

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Function Over Letterform

We now live in a wondrous digital world of endless interactive possibilities, but doesn’t everything come at a price? HTML. CSS. iOS. GUI. OMG. In this abundance of letters, what has become of the art of typography? I am referring not only to calligraphic styling, but also to the creation of perfect “visual spacing” in […]

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Just Act Like a Kindergartener

Recently, I attended two 4-hour, cross-discipline, cross-agency (WPP, of course) integration meetings—and the amazing thing about these meetings was that all participants left feeling invigorated and actually craving more. What were originally intended to be quarterly meetings have now turned into monthly meetings with everyone jazzed about going. (And we all know that with all […]

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Are Centralized Global Marketing Activities the Way Forward for the Pharma Industry?

As pharma companies increasingly come under both financial and human-resource pressures, the trend is to create global central campaigns with minor local market adaptations. The growing emergence of generic competition is emphasizing the need for even greater brand loyalty among healthcare professionals and consumers. For these reasons, there is good rationale for pharma to both […]

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Emotional Branding: There’s a Lizard in Your Brain!

We all have brains. Reptilian brains. And much of our activity is driven by the associated limbic system. It’s not high-functioning, it’s not tremendously analytical. It’s visceral. And it’s this “neuro-gut” response that drives much of our behavior. Our neo-cortex is a much later evolutionary development that is responsible for higher thought and reason. It’s the “thinking man’s” brain. […]

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Let’s Practice What We Preach

One of the first principles of developing an effective communications strategy is the discovery or listening exercise. We conduct in-depth research and social media monitoring over a period of weeks or even months, in order to find out what our target audience thinks, how they express themselves, who they are influenced by. We perform qualitative […]

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Let’s Get Emotional in Pharma

After 25 years in pharmaceutical advertising, I am perplexed by how limited our industry efforts to “get emotional” with our healthcare audiences has been. Science confirms (and other industries have put it into practice successfully) that most of the decisions we make are based on an emotional response. This is also true for brand selection. […]

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Avoiding Global Digital Faux Pas

International websites bring forward a myriad of challenges that need to be carefully examined. We’ve seen in the news how one cultural norm online can end up making global news. What happens to the slip-up that doesn’t make national news but turns off an entire country of people? Most Common Misstep The most common misstep […]

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Apples and Oranges?

Biosimilars: The Sophistication of Generics Biologics—therapeutics derived from living cells—remain complex to produce…and reproduce.  Due to the molecular and structural complexity of large (relatively speaking) biologic proteins, a generic biologic equivalent can only be made “similar,” not identical, to the original, hence the industry term “biosimilar”—this is unlike small-molecule drugs, whose chemical structures can be […]

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