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Skipta™ Anyone?

According to Manhattan Research, 71% of physicians use social networks. So it should come as no surprise that colleagues are the top source of medical information for practicing physicians, trusted above all other online and offline sources. Understanding the influence of colleagues, one must conclude that online social media platforms will quickly rise as one […]

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Real Advertising Lessons from Reality TV

I’ll admit it. On occasion, I’ve been known to escape reality by watching a reality show (or two or three). But I can elevate nearly every show beyond a guilty pleasure by teasing out a lesson or two about advertising. Let’s start with an obvious one, “The Pitch.” Yes, it’s what you think it is. […]

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Mad Women

What was it really like to be a woman at Ogilvy & Mather during the era celebrated in the television series Mad Men? You’ll get an insightful personal glimpse of the agency, David Ogilvy himself, and the experiences of a young copywriter in the newly released memoir Mad Women: The Other Side of Life on […]

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The Next Wave Of Healthcare Innovation

In 2010, Internet scholar Clay Shirky wrote an interesting book called “Cognitive Surplus: How Technology Makes Consumers Into Collaborators.” His premise was simple yet powerful: The ongoing migration of people from passive pursuits (Shirky particularly calls out watching TV) to more engaging pursuits enabled by the Internet and other digital technologies is igniting an era […]

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The Art of the Acronym: CRM Isn’t Just CRM When It’s MCM

Customer Relationship Marketing, Non-Personal Promotion, and Direct-to-Consumer are all concepts in marketing that aim to create the most important communication with your target. Whether the communication happens on the phone, on the Internet or in the form of direct mail and/or email, the interaction with your target or prospect should be informed by customer intelligence. The […]

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Finding Your Way; Making Sense of the “Must Do’s” in Early Pipeline Asset Development

Most pharma managers have little experience in deciding what the essentials are in preparing an early asset molecule for launch. Although a molecule may be too new or too far from launch to have a generic or brand name, it is not too early to start thinking about market preparation. Companies are realizing that to […]

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What Do You Get When You Cross “Titanic” With “Dances With Wolves?”

The answer is you get James Cameron’s Avatar. Or Disney’s Pocahontas. So why do these stories recur, and why do they retain their potency and appeal? The reason is simple. And incredibly powerful. We keep buying the same stories because they reflect psychological truths hardwired into us all (as identified by Jung’s “collective unconscious”), and […]

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Do You Think HR Is Boring?

Do you wince when you see HR calling on your phone? Just to prove that we are not without a sense of humor, here are some examples of real-life questions and answers that occurred during job interviews (not necessarily here, so don’t try and guess who said them).   1. Question: “Why did you leave […]

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The Most Powerful Word in a Strategist’s Vocabulary: NO!

In the simplest of terms, strategy is about choices. And with choice comes the difficult task of saying no.  The converse is much easier. Saying yes, as a consensus builder, helps makes the process easier. But the result is often tragically deficient in both focus and execution. So next time you’re faced with choices, you […]

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