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Why Does The Pharmaceutical Industry Have A Promiscuous Relationship With Its Communication Agencies?

Hard to believe that in the consumer goods, financial, and motor industry sectors many client/agency relationships have lasted up to 50 years, in some cases, and in many instances average at least a decade. Compare this to the hire-and-fire approach taken by some in the pharma industry. While there are some long-standing pharma/agency partnerships, it […]

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When Designing for the Web, Less Is More

As a user experience professional, I am puzzled when I hear people say that web users want choice, or that the more options a web design gives people the better.  On first glance this might seem like an obvious and intelligent approach. Why wouldn’t people want more choice, especially in situations where there are many […]

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Writing For Humans

Writing for Humans Robots (we hope) will never be able to authentically experience human emotional responses to works of art and literary genius. But they can analyze our human processes, responses, and habits to respond to our requests with increasing accuracy. One of the most frequent ways we make these requests is via our daily […]

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Time To Get Serious About Gaming

It’s game time We live in a world that has incredible medicines, highly trained medical staff and easy access to masses of medical information. In addition, pharmaceutical companies and other organizations strive relentlessly to increase disease and product awareness. Yet people are still ignorant about their health, and the healthcare industry struggles to drive significant […]

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B2B2C – The New Normal

As the marketing world evolves and social media become the go-to source for information, Business to Business to Customer (B2B2C) is now the new norm. To take an innovative approach to B2B2C, it’s important that we now partner with strong companies that can give as large a reach as would be expected from an Ogilvy […]

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An apology to fans of Gotham as this blog post isn’t about the awesome Batman having a siesta prior to launching an attack on the Joker but on the (often somewhat fudged) acronym names given to clinical trials in the pursuit of creating a captivating trial identity. So which clinical trials were betrothed with BATMAN, […]

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Who Sped Up The Pitch Clock?

What is happening to pharma’s new business pitch process? It seems that recently the process has become more and more compressed. Major partnership decisions are being made based on a one-hour presentation—which is based on the agencies often being given only two weeks to prepare a full pitch, including brand strategy and creative. While I […]

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Is it time to be more balanced about fair balance?

A recent New York Times editorial asserts that the PDUFA act, which allows the FDA to collect industry-paid user fees to expedite the drug-approval process, has resulted in a “cozy” fiscal relationship that may undermine objectivity and weaken the FDA’s resolve to put public safety first. There is no arguing that the safety of drugs […]

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