Still Crazy After All These Years

I bought a car once because I liked the TV commercial.

And I didn’t even like the car. Crazy, huh?

It was those TV spots with the Crocodile Dundee guy, Paul Hogan, that made me yearn to take the wheel of the then brand new Subaru Forester. The spots had him teaming up Indiana Jones-style with sexy female accomplices for derring-do missions. Clearly they targeted the Forester to females, and I bought it…literally.

I remember to this day standing between the Forester and the Outback, trying to decide which car to choose. I liked the Outback better. But I still bought the Forester. This was back in 1998, and I still remember those TV spots.

The power of advertising.

That reminds me of another great creative campaign…for cheese. It was “Behold the power of cheese.” A deep-voiced announcer intoned that phrase while we watched dogs held spellbound as they looked at a piece of cheese held in front of them.

That’s the power great creative has…it can stop you in your tracks, and make you do things you wouldn’t ever before have considered doing, things your mama warned you about. But then all of a sudden, you have to have whatever that is in your life.

All because of great creative. 

I’m crazy about creative.

It’s my addiction, and I can’t get enough of it. It’s what’s kept me in this crazy business for decades.

It’s what all of us creatives live for…to create the campaign that knocks it out of the ballpark, that everyone talks about, that everyone says, “I wish I’d done that.” The one that gets tacked up on the wall of fame.

However…as we know in our world of healthcare marketing, there can be many forces that seem to conspire against our best efforts…the regulatory restrictions, the FDA, budget limitations, the list goes on.

But we don’t let that stop us, and when we do amazing work in spite of those obstacles, the rewards are even sweeter.

So that’s why I get jazzed when I hear my fellow creatives here talk about what gets them excited.

Just the other day, there we were—creative leads from each of our divisions, interviewing a fresh-faced college grad so full of enthusiasm as she talked about why she wants to start her career as a writer here at Ogilvy CommonHealth. So she asked each of us to talk about what we do.

My colleague in OCH Medical Marketing starts it off by describing with great pride the responsibility of putting into the hands of healthcare professionals the materials that will motivate them to give their patients the benefits of the prescription medications we market for our clients.

Then my colleague from OCH Payer Marketing chimes in with great intensity that in order for those patients to have access to those drugs, the drugs have to be on healthcare insurance formularies, so his job is to communicate the business and economic benefits of partnering with those pharma companies.

Next, my colleague from OCH Specialty Marketing speaks with such fervor about promoting newly discovered molecules that are just a breath away from bringing life-saving treatments to those who until now had no hope.

And I close by saying that everyone’s health and well-being is our passion at OCH Consumer Care, whether we talk directly to consumers, or to patients through their healthcare providers.

So I guess I could sum it all up by saying that here at Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide we creatives have the power to make a difference, a real difference, in people’s lives.

Now that truly is the power of creative.

Well that’s my story. I’d like to hear yours.

So, tell me…

Why are you still crazy about creative?

What’s the craziest thing advertising ever made you do?


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