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Workday of the Dead

NEWS ALERT: “It has been established that persons who have recently become exhausted at work are returning to life and committing acts of mindless procrastination. A widespread investigation of offices, businesses, and agencies has concluded that these instances of “workplace zombies” have been increasing at an alarming rate, and are claiming more and more diligent […]

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The Other Perspective of an Interview

Employees are our greatest asset, and going about finding that best talent is a challenging task. We dedicate a lot of time during the hiring process thinking about the types of candidates we need with the required skill set and experience, the right questions to ask during an interview, evaluating their responses, and then finally […]

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The Paradox of Patient-Centric Decision-Making

Whenever someone asks me to make a decision about how to do something I’ve paid them to do, I generally wonder why they don’t just tell me what they think I should do. I have no idea whether I want traditional copper piping or the new flexible tubing for the bathroom downstairs; I couldn’t begin […]

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Partnership…How It Works

Relationships between us and vendors have become even more important in recent days. Competition among vendors is a lot more aggressive than it was in the past, and suppliers have to work harder to get business and even harder to keep it. Some of the success of our service is partly contingent upon the work […]

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What Happens When a Consumer Becomes a Patient?

It happens to all of us, sooner or later. Whether it’s a health concern your doctor brings up during a routine office visit. Or you ask your doctor about a medicine you saw advertised on TV, online, in a brochure in the waiting room, or something health-related a friend or family member told you. At […]

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Standing Tall.

Eleven years ago today, I stood in horror as I watched a bold symbol of my town and my nation come crashing to the ground. It still haunts me.  Unimaginable.  Unforgettable. My connection to the World Trade Center is very personal. I’ve looked up from the plaza and marveled at the two towers as they […]

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Who’s Driving Care Coordination?

Close coordination among healthcare professionals is widely seen as an avenue to improved patient outcomes and lower costs. Better care coordination is a national healthcare priority; the Affordable Care Act includes incentives to encourage it and healthcare providers are forming new alliances to deliver it. At the center of these efforts, of course, is the […]

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Does the Bell Toll for Traditional Siloed Promotional Activities in a Leaner Compliance-Driven Pharma World?

Our clients are saying that the role of Medical Education will grow in years to come…potentially biting into other traditional areas of the marketing mix. Does this spell disaster for advertising or PR? Ogilvy Healthworld Medical Education recently surveyed its clients to assess what the future would hold for Med Ed, and the results were […]

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