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The Power of Positive Thinking

Is your cup of coffee half full or half empty? In the pharmaceutical advertising industry, it’s all about balancing the positive with the negative. For just about every approved positive claim we can use, there are the necessary fair balance statements, explaining warnings and possible harmful side effects of the product. Similarly, for every clinical […]

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Branding the Science

What is the “purple pill?” Most people can instantly identify this as the core branding identity behind one of the best selling prescription drugs: Nexium. But would the science behind the drug command a similar reaction of immediate recognition? Branding the science is just as important as building the brand, and may in fact be […]

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Analyze This: Boosting Communication Effectiveness With Contextual Segmentation

Segmentation is well understood as a concept but its potential is grossly underutilized, especially in pharma. The data and talent now exist to generate and execute on context-specific segments. Try it and you’ll see a significant boost in your marketing effectiveness. Segmentation, in the context of marketing effectiveness, could be described as the classification of […]

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How Social Media Turned User Experience Upside Down

In the early days of the Internet, the web was essentially a collection of pages connected by links. The Internet user experience was called browsing for a reason: We’d jump from page to page in a haphazard way with little connection between each site. Our selection of where to go might have started with a […]

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High Hopes for Better Banners

Banners have appeared in the same size and location on websites for many years. Over time, people have become trained to subconsciously block them out. This is known as banner blindness or burnout. Earlier this year, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) rolled out new ad units aimed at revitalizing the digital marketplace. In February, they debuted their […]

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Reflecting on Young Executives’ Night Out

I recently had the honor of attending Young Executives’ Night Out, an industry-wide event hosted by the Medical Advertising Hall of Fame. It was an evening of true inspiration, where the most influential giants of our industry shared knowledge and experience with the future stars. As a panel of CEOs discussed their career experiences, challenges […]

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Run Away With Me

The other day I sat in the pub after work. I’d left my keys on the kitchen table that morning and I was locked out. It seemed the sensible thing to go for a pint and read my book until my partner returned home from the office. Absently flicking through my personal emails whilst taking […]

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Radical Creativity and a Little Bit of Dirty Talk

  If your strategy is to “think outside the box,” you might as well give up. Because today, there is no box.  There’s no cardboard container that defines yesterday’s boundaries. Today we live in a world of radical connectivity, where ideas intermingle, evolve and explode in the digital ether of creativity. Today we live within […]

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