Reflecting on Young Executives’ Night Out

I recently had the honor of attending Young Executives’ Night Out, an industry-wide event hosted by the Medical Advertising Hall of Fame. It was an evening of true inspiration, where the most influential giants of our industry shared knowledge and experience with the future stars.

As a panel of CEOs discussed their career experiences, challenges and highlights, I listened closely for pieces of advice I could take back and apply to my work and relationships. It was humbling to hear them speak of issues they had encountered as leaders, and solutions they developed to fix them. During the next portion of the evening, which offered workshops on a variety of topics, I attended two sessions which focused on evaluating creative, and client problem solving. At the close of the evening, I left with a lot to think about.

Since the event, I have been reflecting on what I learned, and have developed four rules for myself to follow moving forward as a rising professional in this industry.

– Be curious. Be hungry.

Next time I am struck with a 3 pm hunger spell and I feel the urge to run to the nearest vending machine for something sweet, I will think again. Instead of seeking junk food to satisfy my craving, I am going to take a moment and read something. Google something. Read an article. Ask a question. Learn something new that I can apply to my work and share with my clients. I will tell my clients something they didn’t know and think on their behalf before they have time to blink. Satisfying this type of hunger is pretty sweet, and doesn’t come with the guilt.

 – Be proactive.

When approaching someone with a problem, I will always present a potential solution. A logical and strategic thought process impresses people, even if the proposed solution isn’t what actually happens in the end.

 – Be passionate.

To put it simply—I want to do what I love, and support what I believe in.

 – Be nice.

I want to always act with kindness and integrity, and for my colleagues and clients to trust me. At the end of the day, we are all people, and it is important to remember the true value of relationships.

It is no coincidence that these key points have surfaced before, as our industry leaders are well aware of the value held by each. I hope the guiding principles I have set for myself are valuable to you and can be applied to your work. I encourage you to share your thoughts on other helpful guidelines that you follow, so we can all learn from each other and continue to grow.

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  1. Matt Giegerich
    Posted October 10, 2012 at 11:18 am | Permalink

    Great post Jamie. This is definitely the right recipe!