Get Well Soon

Dear Us,

With recent trends, the prognosis is clear. The era of the individual made reactive medicine king. But individualism is dying a slow death, kept alive only by all those insulin shots and cholesterol medicines that it’s too late for too many to stop using.

Now we find ourselves looking in on two overlapping orbs, wondering how we will be absorbed into them. One is social media. The other is wellness marketing. These two things came about in a curious chicken/egg scenario–did people start talking to each other first and collectively learn how to be more healthy? Or did all this interactivity allow us to show off what we were already doing, and thereby magnify it?

Either way, it’s happening out there and the only cure for us–all of us in the world of healthcare and pharmaceuticals–is to join them and get preventive.

This is tricky because as preventive medicine goes, you can’t just pop a pill and start using the word “wellness” in your brand’s advertising. You need to truly commit to the change that is happening all around us, and adapt to it. You need to move from ideas that treat the patient, to strategies for preparing the population for better overall health. And those of us in healthcare communications need to get ahead of the next big change. How can we use inspiring communications to move beyond the silos of online profiles and go from social media to real world action?

Here’s the good news: Health and Wellness as a business and marketing model is a growing industry ( and we are perfectly built to execute upon–and create–its strategies.

So here’s the charge for everyone who has a voice in healthcare:

Get well soon.
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