A New Year’s Resolution That May Add Weight—To Your Brain

New-YearIn 2012, I added running to my fitness routine. In addition to training a few times a week, I actually ran in eight 5K races and often finished ahead of people half my age, though I had to spike their water to do so. I took up running because, while I am interested in the therapies we represent, I actually want to take as few of them as possible.

But what interests me as much as physical fitness is mental improvement, and specifically enhancements in skills that will help me be a better writer and marketer. This year, as part of a team, I wrote a website, and the intricacies of learning what it took to make it shine were fascinating to me. The adage you don’t know what you don’t know is more accurate than I dared imagine. It got me thinking.

What if each of us resolved to markedly improve just one skill this year that would help us, our teammates and our company?

For a writer like me, perhaps that skill is learning more about writing effectively in the digital space. Or developing a deeper understanding of the strategy that goes into making a campaign stand out. Or even conceiving new ways to harness my imagination for optimal concepting results. There’s no shortage of things I’d love to learn or improve—it’s probably the same for many of us—the key is to choose at least one and make it a priority. And when that improvement benefits us both inside and outside of work, I’d call that a happy accident!

I can envision an art teammate wanting to learn a new program and figuring out how it would make a presentation pop, or an account person wanting to learn about a totally new technology and how it would apply to healthcare marketing in a way that would make a client say, “Wow!” Technologies exist today that just a short time ago were unknown or unused, but are now staples. All it takes is interest, imagination, and some effort.

Learning new skills helps keep us fresh, relevant, interested…and interesting. Just envision the results if each of us committed to learning one new, meaningful skill that we could share with our colleagues and which could improve our performance or our company’s ability to compete in the crowded, evolving pharmaceutical landscape. Wouldn’t that be, well, neat?

So this year, while we make our resolutions to lose weight, eat better, laugh more, improve in 5K races without resorting to cheating (maybe that’s just me), let’s resolve to add something to our plate. Just one new skill that we can be proud of. Multiplied by the number of people with whom we work, that’s a lot of new ideas and a fabulous way to blow past the competition without even breaking a sweat.

A happy and healthy new year to everyone.

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