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Sleuthing for Clues: A Planner’s Story


I am currently an associate rotating through Ogilvy Healthworld’s planning department. This month I have been tasked with working on an oncology brand in its mission to become the drug of choice for HCPs when prescribing patients with chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML) a first- or second-line treatment. As an agency, we must develop a bold […]

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Making Good Out of the Bad: Top Tips for Effective Crisis Management


Observing a team during times of crisis is sometimes like watching young children on a football field.  Everyone is so busy running after and tripping over the ball that they forget to keep to their positions.  One of the ways we help our clients overcome the overwhelming urge to deal with a crisis the way […]

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Jump Into the Petri Dish

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What’s the proper armamentarium when it comes to healthcare marketing and digital? Innovation reports? Transmedia projections? Paradigm framework event horizons? Phased plasma rifles in the 40-watt range? All may play a role. But I put forward that the most important tool is a firm belief in a simple axiom: “You don’t know what you don’t […]

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Catch Us if You Can: Part 1

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Co-authored by Maria Colicchio and Courtney Kober from Ogilvy CommonHealth Wellness Marketing – Parsippany, NJ A stereotypical image that normally comes to mind when someone mentions “Millennials” or “Gen Y” is a young adult (born after 1980) who is up to their ears in debt from student loans; either unemployed, lazy or working a part-time […]

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Experience-by-Proxy as a Medical Decision Making Tool


Now that patient-centered decision making is becoming a reality, it begs the question: are we, as patients, really prepared to make life-or-death decisions on our own behalf? The biggest problem I have making many of the decisions I am faced with in everyday life, not just in health, is that I simply don’t know enough […]

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How Communications Can Support Mergers and Acquisitions


With mergers and acquisitions (M&A) in the pharmaceutical sector showing no signs of slowing down, there has been criticism of some deals in recent years. These acts of consolidation don’t always reap the fruits they set out to bear and, if not managed well, may even result in a stifling of innovation, reduction in R&D […]

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Analytics Drives the Contact Center


“This call may be monitored and recorded for training purposes.”That’s a familiar refrain to all of us who’ve called into a call center in the last 15 years or so. In the past, these recordings were used for exactly what the recordings stated—company supervisors would listen to them to perform employee evaluations. Recently, however, companies […]

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The Unintended Consequences of Personalized Medicine


Innovative technological and scientific advancements in oncology have enabled scientists to unravel the biological complexity of more than 200 diseases commonly called cancer, and reexamine how these diseases should be classified, diagnosed, and treated. Understanding how these diseases work and the applying of these insights to clinical practice have formed the foundation of personalized medicine, […]

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