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GraphOgilvy CommonHealth Worldwide (OCHWW) purchases a unique and expansive range of syndicated research, currently providing access to over 30 different sources. In January, the management, oversight and strategic deployment of these properties were aggregated within the Global Business Intelligence and Integration (GBII) Skill Center led by industry veteran David Chapman.

The GBII Skill Center is dedicated to helping staff know what the research assets are and learn how to gain access to the incredible depth of resources that exist at OCHWW. The key point here is that this depth of resources allows Planners, Account Management and Creative to gain insights into the market and brand that help develop winning, innovative ideas. Starting from facts allows them to speak with authority and awe the client with new perspectives on how to drive brand growth.

The GBII team continually evaluates and analyzes the properties we buy or can access now through Ogilvy, trying to assure the best data and the broadest reach of global and US markets, disease states, therapeutic categories, audiences (both professional and consumer), channel, digital usage/preference, and more.

One example is GlobalData’s Pharma eTrack, which combines much of the information found in Datamonitor, Pharmaprojects,, The Pink Sheet, and news aggregators such as FierceBiotech and more, in one simple-to-use site. Information is available by molecule, by compound, by drug, by category, by pipeline, by disease state, by company and by country…including comprehensive US, global and/or regional in-depth reports on key disease states.

Some of the others include:

  • MARS (Multimedia Audience Research Systems) for OTC/DTC data
  • eMarketer  and Compete – online behavior and digital research
  • Manhattan Research – HCP online usage and habits
  • Yankelovich Monitor – consumer research
  • IMS/NDTI – prescribing and diagnosis information

To socialize the inventory of our syndicated research properties and the “power users” who provide guidance and interpretation, staff can access all this information in the Intelligence Center site on the organization’s secure intranet.

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