Client Banner Days That Click

banner-day-1This past Saturday, the Mets held their annual Banner Day at Citi Field—a one-day event that gives baseball fans a chance to express their loyalty, appreciation and creativity to their beloved ball club using homemade banners. Fortuitous for the Mets’ brass that the banner parade was held on the field before the game, as the Mets were mercilessly plundered by the Pirates 11-2.  I can only imagine what season ticket holder “Vinny from Queens” would have expressed with a bed sheet and some spray paint after the less than amazin’ performance.

In our business, and unlike the Mets’ fan base, we have the good fortune of being able to celebrate and show appreciation for our clients’ performance beyond just one banner day a year. In fact we have many.

As their partners, we help our clients thrive amidst the daily pressures and demands of making a brand meaningful, and we contribute to those amazing banner day moments. A successful product launch, an engaging and effective RM program, a new brand campaign and website, a motivating and memorable workshop  or convention, a positive sales quarter, or a brand team member promotion are all opportunities to keep our creative juices flowing and to let our client appreciation banner fly.

Rather than judiciously yet unceremoniously checking the “job well done” box then moving on to the next task, is there an opportunity to turn each milestone into a celebratory and defining moment for you and the client? And why do it at all?

Many of our clients have joined the marketing ranks after a successful stint in sales, where they were driven by incentives while showered with frequent tokens of appreciation and recognition, including for some, President’s Club, honoring the uber-performers with VIP getaways to sun-splashed resorts.

What’s the motivation and where is the recognition once they get into marketing? We can do our part and partially fill that void with client banner days. Each time the client achieves something special, there’s an opportunity to recognize and celebrate it with an agency-made token of appreciation. Let them know how much you care about them and their accomplishments. It gives us a chance to prove that our creativity extends beyond what’s stated in the brief to something more personable. It’s an endearing touch point that can enhance a relationship. And unlike the Mets, it only takes a little effort to get amazin’ results.

If you’re interested in learning more about how we have celebrated client banner days, please contact me at

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