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Is it possible to get thousands of social media fans in healthcare?

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Consumer Product and Service Communication has taken a Copernican turn since social media appeared. Content generated by users has led to a level of dynamization almost unthinkable a few years ago. Social networks have revitalized many withered sectors such as fashion and music which had been facing the new era with a certain amount of fright. […]

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Training For A Good Cause


Do you ever catch yourself daydreaming at work? Have you ever accidentally nodded off, for just a second, during a presentation? Is there ever a day that your workload is just plain dull? Luckily for most of us, working at a creative agency is vastly more exciting than something like insurance sales. Still, even the […]

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Interactivity—The Obvious Secret to Social Media

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I guess it’s a new world order.  Control has been replaced with influence.  And the tremendous exchange of everything from financial information to a simple “like” on Facebook has made interactivity the word of the future.  Interactions have now become a currency where brands and individuals seek out a level of validation—and power.  And in […]

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Falling Into Planning and Landing in Medical School


Would you ever think that a career in planning could end with medical school? Well now you know it can! I started working at Ogilvy Heatlhworld as a Science and Research Specialist within the Planning Department approximately four and a half years ago, right after completing my Masters of Public Health degree from Columbia University. […]

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