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The Shift in Medical Meeting Promotion

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The 2008 conversation: “I want all the billboards along the highway, 150 taxi tops, and 10 dioramas at the airport. Also, see if you can advertise in the bins where you place your shoes to be screened. I want my brand to be everywhere! Let’s also give out tissue boxes, pens and ice cream to […]

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5 Outrageous Claims from Pharmaceutical Advertising

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Does the public actually believe the pharmaceutical ads they see on TV? Will a doctor change a treatment plan based on a new popular drug advertised on TV that everyone is talking about? According to a 2004 FDA survey, the answer is yes. Doctors feel pressure from their patients to prescribe a brand name drug […]

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Digital Marketing Is Marketing

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As I sit here on the 4th of July, finally getting a chance to relax and look back on the year we’ve had so far, I realize how much has changed in such a short period of time. Almost 7 years ago, I joined our tiny, yet mighty interactive group and have lived through an […]

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Intro to Ogilvy: An Intern’s Adventure

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Summer: Preparing for the Journey June rolls around and it is in your nature to assume the road ahead will be full of the outdoors, fun destinations, social gatherings with friends, and personal productivity to accomplish those important goals that seem to be neglected throughout the school year—such as finishing three seasons of Game of […]

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Five Kinda Digital Trends for 2013


When I first began writing this post it was about technology, because that’s been my focus for many years. As I began diving into it, however, I found something I didn’t expect. Five digital trends that are hardly digital at all because, as one article puts it, “e-marketing” has become just “marketing.” If you’re not […]

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