Digital Marketing Is Marketing

Rima thumbnailAs I sit here on the 4th of July, finally getting a chance to relax and look back on the year we’ve had so far, I realize how much has changed in such a short period of time. Almost 7 years ago, I joined our tiny, yet mighty interactive group and have lived through an ever-changing period of time. Websites became more than just a destination.  Customer Relationship Marketing Programs became real conversations. Email cadences were written with metrics in place. Banner ads evolved from static images to interactive, expanding drivers. Applications were being developed to help patients with adherence and physicians with practice management. Conversations were started about creating online campaigns.

Fifteen years ago, “digital” was optional. Some clients and brands leveraged new technology, some didn’t. Maybe a brand launched a website. Expectations were different. Sure, there were the core branding elements and messages, but there weren’t conversations about level of interactivity or even an “online” campaign. Pretty basic.  We believed in the “field of dreams” model—build it and they will come. Metrics and determining Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) wasn’t a discussion. We truly didn’t know what we didn’t know.

In addition to learning a lot about the newly evolving digital landscape, I also gained a wealth of knowledge about technology. I am an avid science information seeker at heart. I live to learn something new every day and I love being challenged. The evolving digital landscape definitely makes life interesting for all who embrace it.

Fast forward to today…teams are integrated. We are tasked with being multichannel marketers. Campaigns have offline and online components. Metrics are established for all tactics. Digital marketing is marketing. And with so much change already behind us, I wonder what the next few years will bring…. And I expect us as always to be right in front, leading the way!

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