Intro to Ogilvy: The Journey Comes to a Close

Cole Thumbnail Why would you work for Ogilvy CommonHealth?

The internship is coming to a close and in my final few weeks I’m beginning to sort through some things that I have enjoyed. There is getting to meet individuals from all different professional and personal backgrounds. The Starbucks coffee machine downstairs—and if it’s a really good day, being able to make it to the “real” Starbucks nearby. There is hearing good news from a client regarding a project your team has put a lot of hours into. And much more. But I would have to say, out of everything I’ve seen this summer, my favorite part of working for Ogilvy CommonHealth is changing people’s lives. Everyone here does it too. Let me explain.

I’m a marketing intern, not a doctor. How could I possibly be changing lives?

I once had this idea that the only way to make a difference in the health world was to be the first point of contact with patients. I had to be a doctor. So I signed up for an education in science and checked all the boxes to get me closer to that goal. What I started realizing, the further I traveled down that path, wasn’t that I wanted to be a doctor, but instead that I just wanted to help people. Well, there was that—and also organic chemistry. Thus my search to help people through a different occupation began.

This summer opened my eyes to yet another avenue to help others. This avenue is sometimes not recognized as directly. And if done well, this avenue can effectively change people’s behavior without them knowing and being able to acknowledge it. I’m referring to contributing to a team that effectively communicates healthcare and thus accomplishes a worthwhile goal of improving the health and well-being of others.

As an advertising agency, we build awareness of what therapies patients can seek out, and what drugs may be dangerous to them. We update healthcare providers on safety, efficacy, availability, and innovative ways for using a drug or therapy. We educate the physician and patient world on what therapies will help specifically match a patient’s individual needs. We build websites to host support networks. We help grow communities in which patients can voice opinions and seek advice. Healthcare communication matters, and regardless of your position or department within OCH, your part is integral to making this all happen.

It all starts with great talent.

In addition to helping people, I enjoyed learning about how every piece to the puzzle fits in so perfectly to create art. This observation is best summed up by our very own Matt Giegerich: “Only through great talent—spirited, collaborative, supportive and supported talent—can truly great work be produced.” Sitting in on creative developments, routing job bags with minor copy tweaks, digitalizing notes from editing, staring down at finance reports, and seeing things come to life both digitally and in studio, I am witnessing synergy. I have had the pleasure of observing people combine what they truly like to do, and apply that talent toward a worthwhile cause.

One of my favorite marketing quotes is, “Success is making those who believed in you look brilliant.” Through winning a pitch, it is your client who believed in you. However, you must not lose sight of another group that believes in you, and another form of success. That group is the patients, and that success is knowing that when you walked into the office today, you helped change someone’s life. No matter how small you may consider your contribution (such as in the case of an intern), you are contributing to this cause.

All good things must come to an end.

Having experienced life at an agency firsthand now, I have grown to appreciate the vast amounts of work and talent that go into advertising. I will continue to appreciate my favorite commercials, and campaigns that make me laugh and smile regardless of the amount of times I’ve viewed them. However, leaving the agency this summer, I’ll have an even fonder image of the impact of effectively communicating healthcare, and especially the difference-makers who make it all possible here at OCH.

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