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Google Glass in Healthcare: Do We Really Want In-Your-Face Medicine?

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You look at Google Glass and you think The Times April Fool’s joke. You think of those pie-in-the-sky inventions wheeled out on Tomorrow’s World in the 1980s by Judith Hann (you know, the one with the perm who gave Kevin Keegan a run for his money). Google Glass is Terminator vision. And it’s here. Now. […]

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Changing Behavior: Driving Brands Through Customer-Centricity

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Let’s start with a provocative thought: Brand success really isn’t about the actual brands we serve. It never really has been. Heresy, some will say! But the truth is, brand success is really about the people whose behavior we’re trying to change on behalf of the brand: healthcare providers, patients, caregivers, et al. It’s about […]

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Blended Learning in Medical Education: Five Top Tips

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As we move into an age where “digital by default” becomes the maxim we live and work by, how do we ensure that we continue to deliver successful medical education programmes that not only meet the business needs of our clients but also the learning needs of the end-user? The digital age is bringing about […]

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The Key to Effective “Salesmanship in Print”

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I had occasion to be standing on a gas line in the aftermath of last year’s hurricane—red plastic can in hand. Waiting in front of me was a pharmaceuticals sales rep. Clearly, we had at least a half-hour before reaching a pump to get our allotted five gallons. Our conversation initially focused on obligatory topics: […]

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Zombies and the Cultural Tension Surrounding Healthcare

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As the healthcare experts of Ogilvy, we understand that people are motivated to change behavior in response to a tension in their lives—that gap between where they are now and where they want to be.  Often, recognition of this tension is in response to an event—a diagnosis, a heart attack, a bad test result, hitting […]

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When Home Changes While You’re Away

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I Move Out, Big TV Moves In  While I was away at college during my freshman year, my parents started spending more money around the house. I’m not sure if there was any correlation between my moving out and the increase in spending, but I did have a voracious appetite as a teenager. One of […]

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