When Home Changes While You’re Away

Diane Iler Smith ThumbnailI Move Out, Big TV Moves In 

While I was away at college during my freshman year, my parents started spending more money around the house. I’m not sure if there was any correlation between my moving out and the increase in spending, but I did have a voracious appetite as a teenager. One of my parents’ first purchases was a huge projection screen TV to replace the much smaller set we had for over 10 years. When I called home, my youngest sister would go on and on about it. “It’s like having a movie theater at home, it’s sooo cool!” I thought to myself,  “Why didn’t Mom and Dad upgrade the TV last year while I was home? Damn.” I was envious, curious and a bit homesick.

I Move Out, Ogilvy Moves In  

A little over 4 years ago, I left CommonHealth after working there for much of my adult life to join an agency in the big city. While I was away, a lot of changes happened to my work home. An exciting merger with Ogilvy, an expanded footprint, including an office in NYC, Fusion, and on and on. Over the last few years, I heard about many of these changes from my two sisters, who both work at Ogilvy CommonHealth. They would talk about meetings at this magical-sounding place called the Chocolate Factory. “Hey, wait a minute, chocolate, I love chocolate!” It all sounded very exciting. I remember having that feeling that I had as a freshman, hearing about all the upgrades Mom and Dad were making to the house. Envious, curious, and a bit homesick.

Welcome Home, Welcome Change

Well, I’ve been back at Ogilvy CommonHealth for about 6 weeks, and the Chocolate Factory is indeed a very exciting place to be. The diversity of talent and brands here are exhilarating, especially from a creative perspective. There are planners and business analysts, PR people and medical media mavens, digital dynamos and consumer pros, all in one building. It’s like working with the advertising Dream Team, every day. My work home changed a lot while I was away. It’s bigger and better and it’s great to be back.

Oh, and yes, the picture on the projection screen was awesome, but nothing like the view from the window of the Chocolate Factory.

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