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Augmented Reality


2013 has been a year filled with Augmented Reality—from Google Glass to smartphone applications.  We are using this developing technology to truly enhance our experience in all aspects of our everyday lives. Augmented Reality allows you the individual, the retailer, or the marketing professional, to bring in additional dollars to your business…. But only if […]

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StormWorks and What We’ve Learned From the Hurricane

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It’s a little hard to believe that today is the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy, a storm that ravaged the East Coast and plunged much of the region into darkness. Even harder to believe that it was the second storm in two years to knock out all power…on almost the exact same day in October. […]

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OCHWW’s 2nd Annual Partnership Summit

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My team, the Marketing Analytics & Consulting team, recently had our 2nd Annual Partnership Summit at the Chocolate Factory on October 10th. The New York office was buzzing as internal teams from OCHWW, greater Ogilvy & Mather, and clients roamed the halls eating, drinking wine, listening to presentations and meeting with various vendors. It was […]

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The Editor Is Always… Wrong?

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Everyone who’s handled a routing job has probably seen a bizarre editorial request. Removing the word “the” from a reference, switching the order of the asterisk and the colon, adding a spelling mistake back into the prescribing information. Editorial usually has reasons for these changes—we should, at least! But often the copywriter/art director/account exec who sees […]

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Three Ways to Play It Safe on Social Media

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 Rather than forgoing social media, as many pharmaceutical brands choose to do these days, there are some effective and safe alternatives to incorporate it into the pharma marketing mix. Contrary to what others think, pharmaceutical brands do understand the need for social media. One of the primary reasons why healthcare marketers steer clear of it […]

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We Can Be Sexy Too

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Hello, is that Terry Savage, the chairman of the Lions Festivals? This is Toby Pickford here, Creative Director of Ogilvy CommonHealth Sydney. How’s it going? I hear health has been added to the largest and most prestigious annual event celebrating creative advertising and communications. This is great news! Finally we can stand side-by-side with our […]

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