SXSW Interactive Journal: Day 1 Part 3

Observations and inspirations from the Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide team attending SXSW 2015 in Austin. Our healthcare specialists are reporting activity in real time. Our team will post updates as they become available. Check back daily for event Coverage, local flavor, and insights that will help you accelerate your healthcare marketing efforts.

Day 1 Part 3

Vinnie Ramesh, Jason Oberfest, Jennifer Chung, & Alejandro Foung

Report by Matt Balogh/

PANEL SUMMARY: Radical Healthcare:  What do Consumers Want?
Panel Memberss:
Alejandro Foung, Co-Founder/CEO, Lantern
Jason Oberfest, Co-Founder/CEO, Mango Health
Jennifer Chung, Co-Founder/CEO, Kinsights
Vinnie Ramesh, Co-Founder/CEO, Wellframe

How can diverse sectors like gaming, e-commerce, and academia inform better design for healthcare decisions in a world where the statement “healthcare is broken” has become cliche? In this panel of outside healthcare experts Alejandro Foung, Jason Oberfest, Vinnie Ramesh, and Jennifer Cheung apply their learnings to healthcare to focus on patient-centric design.

According to Oberfest, there are two sides to healthcare innovation. The first is geeky and regional, not mass markets but effective. The second, newer brands that are focused on parts of the patient journey that are sporadic. Real innovation needs to be better in making people’s lives better every day. And to do that we’ll need to to put patients at the center.

We want to use technology to make healthcare more efficient, says Ramesh, but humans are not just beacons of data. We have to understand where humans fit into the equation. Chung and her team leveraged advisors, which were very important to the process, and Oberfest leveraged months of ethnographic research.

“You are not the consumer,” Ramesh continued, “many times you need to have empathy for the user but, for instance, you’ve never had cancer before so it’s harder to relate when designing than for something like commerce.”

In the end the panel agreed that leveraging technology to personalize behavior change is key, but to accomplish this users have to come first.

/Report by Matt Balogh


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