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Analytics, With a Side of Bacon

Bacon Blog

Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide’s manager, analytics, Anthony Danzi, gives a modern-day twist on a classic phrase “knowledge is power” to explain the immense opportunity for big data and analytics to empower today’s marketing environment.

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How Fantasy Football Helps You Make Better Marketing Decisions


We’re in the middle of December, and there are a few notable events on the horizon. With Thanksgiving and an early Hanukkah season behind us, and of course Christmas around the corner, the holidays are almost top-of-mind. That is, unless you play fantasy football. If you do, then you know the fantasy football playoffs are […]

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What Health Marketers Need to Know About Google’s Knowledge Graph


Do you know Tiger Woods’ real first name? It’s Eldrick. How about his middle name? No, it’s not Serial Philanderer, it’s Tont. As a weekend hacker and golf enthusiast, I knew about Eldrick, but I had never heard Tont before. I came across this little nugget when I did a Google search on “Tiger Woods.” […]

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