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In the Ring

in the ring

There is a Spanish expression that goes: It is not the same to speak of bulls as it is to be in the bull ring. I’ve always liked it, because it seems to capture quite fundamentally the difference between being a spectator and a participant, an observer and an actor. I have paid my money […]

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SXSW 2013: Empty Information Calories

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“We are drowning in information and starving for knowledge.” – Rutherford D. Rogers, Deputy Librarian of Congress I recently presented at SXSW, and while there attended a number of other talks and presentations. One, given by a Buddhist nun, made me think in a new way about what it is we do as healthcare communicators. […]

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Experience-by-Proxy as a Medical Decision Making Tool


Now that patient-centered decision making is becoming a reality, it begs the question: are we, as patients, really prepared to make life-or-death decisions on our own behalf? The biggest problem I have making many of the decisions I am faced with in everyday life, not just in health, is that I simply don’t know enough […]

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The Ethics of Online Observational Research


Blogs typically are not the avenue to explore issues of ethics, but recently someone asked if we had ever looked into the ethics of online research. Not the kind where you pay people to answer questions—rather, the kind where you read a ton of blogs, or tweets, or message board messages, and use these as […]

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The Paradox of Patient-Centric Decision-Making

Whenever someone asks me to make a decision about how to do something I’ve paid them to do, I generally wonder why they don’t just tell me what they think I should do. I have no idea whether I want traditional copper piping or the new flexible tubing for the bathroom downstairs; I couldn’t begin […]

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The Rise of Transaction Medicine

Today someone sent me a video link about new technologies that will change the way medicine is practiced, today, tomorrow, forever. All of these gadgets utilized smart mobile technology to monitor some aspect of physical health, including the “do it yourself ECG” app and the “monitor patients in the ICU” app. This link came on […]

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Why Numbers Can’t Tell Us Everything

I’ve been on a tear recently about the numerical bias that is starting to take over our world. There seems to be an obsession with proving that the numbers are all we need to know, and I’m just not buying it. I’m referring to the tendency for news agencies to use statistical tidbits like the […]

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