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Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose

Dave Chapman Blog Image August 2015 ED

In an ever-changing industry landscape, Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide’s EVP, Global Business Integration and Intelligence, David Chapman, explores the elements of agency life that are essential to remain as the foundation of developing exceptional relationships inside and outside of an organization.

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Sharpening Up the Industry’s Smartest Teams


Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide (OCHWW) purchases a unique and expansive range of syndicated research, currently providing access to over 30 different sources. In January, the management, oversight and strategic deployment of these properties were aggregated within the Global Business Intelligence and Integration (GBII) Skill Center led by industry veteran David Chapman. The GBII Skill Center is […]

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They Unblinded Me With Science

Few disciplines in our industry are as dynamic as medical education. That’s not what everyone imagines, of course. But nowhere is it truer that the digital shift has required a radical re-imagination of how to engage physicians demanding a higher level of scientific discourse.  Drastically reduced dinner meetings and local symposia, almost no “enduring” (read: print) materials. The […]

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