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Illuminate the Customer Journey With Data and Analytics

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Ogilvy Healthworld’s senior director of marketing and analytics, Iyiola Obayomi, discusses how big data analysis can enhance a marketer’s understanding of audiences throughout the customer journey.

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Marketing Performance Mis-measurement: Mistaking Strategy for Objective

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If you ever wondered why your monthly campaign tracker or reports show stellar results but your brand is underperforming in the marketplace, you may be measuring (and celebrating) the wrong leading metrics. You may be mistaking strategy for outcomes, thus celebrating the wrong “successes.” This piece elaborates on this measurement error and provides suggestions for […]

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Analyze This: Boosting Communication Effectiveness With Contextual Segmentation

Segmentation is well understood as a concept but its potential is grossly underutilized, especially in pharma. The data and talent now exist to generate and execute on context-specific segments. Try it and you’ll see a significant boost in your marketing effectiveness. Segmentation, in the context of marketing effectiveness, could be described as the classification of […]

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