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Interactivity—The Obvious Secret to Social Media

Social Media

I guess it’s a new world order.  Control has been replaced with influence.  And the tremendous exchange of everything from financial information to a simple “like” on Facebook has made interactivity the word of the future.  Interactions have now become a currency where brands and individuals seek out a level of validation—and power.  And in […]

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SXSW 2013: Bad Behavior – the Saga of SXSW

sxsw logo

As you act, so you become Health and digital health are emerging themes at this year’s SXSW.  The chatter is robust, the personalities many, and the health and fitness devices ubiquitous.  The behavior is also legendary.  One notable tweet was: “SXSW is a fountain of knowledge where all go to drink!”  And while this is […]

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Radical Creativity and a Little Bit of Dirty Talk

  If your strategy is to “think outside the box,” you might as well give up. Because today, there is no box.  There’s no cardboard container that defines yesterday’s boundaries. Today we live in a world of radical connectivity, where ideas intermingle, evolve and explode in the digital ether of creativity. Today we live within […]

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Standing Tall.

Eleven years ago today, I stood in horror as I watched a bold symbol of my town and my nation come crashing to the ground. It still haunts me.  Unimaginable.  Unforgettable. My connection to the World Trade Center is very personal. I’ve looked up from the plaza and marveled at the two towers as they […]

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The Most Powerful Word in a Strategist’s Vocabulary: NO!

In the simplest of terms, strategy is about choices. And with choice comes the difficult task of saying no.  The converse is much easier. Saying yes, as a consensus builder, helps makes the process easier. But the result is often tragically deficient in both focus and execution. So next time you’re faced with choices, you […]

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Emotional Branding: There’s a Lizard in Your Brain!

We all have brains. Reptilian brains. And much of our activity is driven by the associated limbic system. It’s not high-functioning, it’s not tremendously analytical. It’s visceral. And it’s this “neuro-gut” response that drives much of our behavior. Our neo-cortex is a much later evolutionary development that is responsible for higher thought and reason. It’s the “thinking man’s” brain. […]

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The Big Think: An Elusive Brand Hallmark that David Ogilvy Understood

Brand hallmarks are an essential part of building a brand.  Color, typography, and the usual suspects are all part of the list.  There’s nothing new here. Enter David Ogilvy and the man in the Hathaway shirt. At first glance you see a distinguished man with his classic white shirt. But what about that eye patch!!??  What […]

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The Digital Revolution: A Healthy Dose of Empowerment

Better. Faster. Safer. These are the core messages of almost every pharmaceutical product.  Better efficacy, faster action and a safer result all drive clinical acceptance and use.  It’s a manufacturer’s dream and a sales representative’s golden opportunity. But in today’s digital world, information itself can now make the robust claim of better, faster and safer!  […]

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