There’s No Crying In Advertising

Spring fever. Who doesn’t succumb at one time or another? And I am not talking about seasonal allergic rhinitis, though we have expertise in that, too. I am talking about baseball, the great American (and now international) pastime, and its connection to our industry. In what ways you ask? Just look at some of our shared vocabulary: we are on a team, we pitch, we are competitive, we talent scout, we recruit, sometimes we hit a home run, and occasionally we strike out.

But the similarities do not end there. Baseball is embracing technology in a big way to leverage their product. They have expanded beyond team websites to smartphone apps where you can follow every pitch, view video highlights, shop for your favorite player’s jersey, test your baseball trivia knowledge, compare prices for available game day seats, or view seating charts of every ballpark in the country. Some stadiums even have an app to order food from your seat (an App app?). Updating the standings of your fantasy baseball team is also a breeze with a cell phone. Of course, everyone wants to express their opinion about their team, and they do. You can choose from the countless forms of social media to read tweets and blogs being written by fans, beat writers, players, owners—even the Phillies Ballgirls have a blog…

Also, just like any good baseball team (even the Red Sox), we here at Ogilvy CommonHealth share a spirit for what we do and why. We do it for the love of the game. We champion the underdog. We face up to the competition, and we live for the chance to hit a homer that makes history.

Send me in, Coach!

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