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The Art of Self-Reflection


One of the many benefits of having my great-grandmother well into my adulthood was the opportunity to learn many tidbits about what was important in life and how to assess and improve character. Of all the gifts she imparted, one in particular really stuck with me, and I have tried to apply her advice daily […]

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How Flexible Are You?


If you work in the creative department in today’s healthcare communications world, you had better be very flexible. Flexible in both mind and spirit. Gone are the days of working on one piece of business for several years and having a chance to build a strong client relationship that endures for years to come. Welcome […]

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When Home Changes While You’re Away

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I Move Out, Big TV Moves In  While I was away at college during my freshman year, my parents started spending more money around the house. I’m not sure if there was any correlation between my moving out and the increase in spending, but I did have a voracious appetite as a teenager. One of […]

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Do Scare Tactics Work?

That’s the 54-million-dollar question. The CDC is betting they do, and has launched a series of graphic ads, featuring real smokers, to answer it.  Entitled “Tips from Former Smokers,” the videos show what it’s like to live in the aftermath of health disasters caused by smoking. The series can be viewed here: http://www.cdc.gov/tobacco/campaign/tips/resources/videos/ But do […]

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