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A Case Study: Unlearning

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Ogilvy CommonHealth Creative team’s associate copywriter, Uchechi Iroha, explores the concept of unlearning and the importance of making mistakes.

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Brain Candy: Byte-sized Creative Inspiration for Digital Minds—1st Edition


What I love about being an advertising creative is the eternal search for creative stimulus. Always on the search for something that turns your mind on, makes you “think different” and gets you excited to show your co-workers like it was a grade school show-and-tell. But it’s this stimulus, or this search for stimulus, that […]

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How To Milk a Horse


It’s not very often I find myself marveling at a brand’s attempt to “co-opt” an opportunity or marketing “tie-in” to generate awareness and grow their brand. But I’ve really got to give it to GSK and their brilliant tie-in to California Chrome and the Belmont Stakes. They did not horse around and brilliantly seized the […]

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How Flexible Are You?


If you work in the creative department in today’s healthcare communications world, you had better be very flexible. Flexible in both mind and spirit. Gone are the days of working on one piece of business for several years and having a chance to build a strong client relationship that endures for years to come. Welcome […]

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Flexing Our Creative Muscles

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It takes lots of hard work and dedication to achieve your goals for a healthier lifestyle. It focuses on nutrition, physical activity and resiliency, and is individualized to your specific needs. Running the Ogilvy CommonHealth Imaging department is comparable to this in many ways, as I apply the same approach in servicing all Art and […]

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Unleash Your Passions


As the year comes to another busy end we find ourselves working long hours to ensure we meet the needs of our clients, but look forward to the hope and promise of a new year. The New Year is the time to reflect on the changes we want to make and resolve to follow through […]

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What the X?*# Is a Planner Anyway?

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It’s a question that many planning folk get, especially from those who are new to the agency, and potentially to the planning function itself. In its modern-day form, planning has evolved into a multifaceted functional set of skills that not every agency has, but should consider. To start, planners come from a variety of backgrounds, […]

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The Global Awards Ceremony

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As you enter this welcoming, creative environment, you are immediately humbled by the amazing creative work on display. The best work from around the world. The creative directors from many of the world’s top agencies are in attendance. It is a true creative event in every sense of the word. The work is brilliant, and […]

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We Can Be Sexy Too

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Hello, is that Terry Savage, the chairman of the Lions Festivals? This is Toby Pickford here, Creative Director of Ogilvy CommonHealth Sydney. How’s it going? I hear health has been added to the largest and most prestigious annual event celebrating creative advertising and communications. This is great news! Finally we can stand side-by-side with our […]

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Training For A Good Cause


Do you ever catch yourself daydreaming at work? Have you ever accidentally nodded off, for just a second, during a presentation? Is there ever a day that your workload is just plain dull? Luckily for most of us, working at a creative agency is vastly more exciting than something like insurance sales. Still, even the […]

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