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A Case Study: Unlearning

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Ogilvy CommonHealth Creative team’s associate copywriter, Uchechi Iroha, explores the concept of unlearning and the importance of making mistakes.

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Brain Candy: Byte-sized Creative Inspiration for Digital Minds—1st Edition


What I love about being an advertising creative is the eternal search for creative stimulus. Always on the search for something that turns your mind on, makes you “think different” and gets you excited to show your co-workers like it was a grade school show-and-tell. But it’s this stimulus, or this search for stimulus, that […]

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Offices Aren’t Just For Working


OCHWW colleagues—I think you all would agree that we face a lot of challenges at work: client requests and tight timelines, internal office debates, and the food in the cafeteria. Well, it’s not exactly Dean and DeLuca. Plus, as wonderful as it would be to leave work (physically and mentally) every day at 5:00, that […]

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HAPPY New Year???


Getting back to work in this  new year, everyone had been continually greeting each other with the saying, “HAPPY New Year!” As we approach our last days of January, is it still OK to keep repeating this over and over? What does it really mean anyway? As we all venture into this new year of […]

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The Function of Creative in an Organization Focused on Specialty Marketing


This blog post was co-authored by Deb Ciauro, also from Ogilvy CommonHealth in NJ. An agency of record for a specialty brand can work for several months and sometimes longer before any tangible “creative” sees the light of the marketing day. Some question when to bring the creative team into the fold and how they […]

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Radical Creativity and a Little Bit of Dirty Talk

  If your strategy is to “think outside the box,” you might as well give up. Because today, there is no box.  There’s no cardboard container that defines yesterday’s boundaries. Today we live in a world of radical connectivity, where ideas intermingle, evolve and explode in the digital ether of creativity. Today we live within […]

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The Other Perspective of an Interview

Employees are our greatest asset, and going about finding that best talent is a challenging task. We dedicate a lot of time during the hiring process thinking about the types of candidates we need with the required skill set and experience, the right questions to ask during an interview, evaluating their responses, and then finally […]

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Just Act Like a Kindergartener

Recently, I attended two 4-hour, cross-discipline, cross-agency (WPP, of course) integration meetings—and the amazing thing about these meetings was that all participants left feeling invigorated and actually craving more. What were originally intended to be quarterly meetings have now turned into monthly meetings with everyone jazzed about going. (And we all know that with all […]

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Are Centralized Global Marketing Activities the Way Forward for the Pharma Industry?

As pharma companies increasingly come under both financial and human-resource pressures, the trend is to create global central campaigns with minor local market adaptations. The growing emergence of generic competition is emphasizing the need for even greater brand loyalty among healthcare professionals and consumers. For these reasons, there is good rationale for pharma to both […]

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