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Asia and the Art of Pervasive Perseverance

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In less than two months, a religious festival takes place that is so fantastically crowded and celebratory that it seems unreal. Officially listed as the largest human gathering in the world, the northern Indian city of Allahabad at the confluence of the Yamuna, Ganges and Saraswati rivers will witness as many as 100 million people […]

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The Global Awards Ceremony

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As you enter this welcoming, creative environment, you are immediately humbled by the amazing creative work on display. The best work from around the world. The creative directors from many of the world’s top agencies are in attendance. It is a true creative event in every sense of the word. The work is brilliant, and […]

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Sharpening Up the Industry’s Smartest Teams


Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide (OCHWW) purchases a unique and expansive range of syndicated research, currently providing access to over 30 different sources. In January, the management, oversight and strategic deployment of these properties were aggregated within the Global Business Intelligence and Integration (GBII) Skill Center led by industry veteran David Chapman. The GBII Skill Center is […]

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Are Centralized Global Marketing Activities the Way Forward for the Pharma Industry?

As pharma companies increasingly come under both financial and human-resource pressures, the trend is to create global central campaigns with minor local market adaptations. The growing emergence of generic competition is emphasizing the need for even greater brand loyalty among healthcare professionals and consumers. For these reasons, there is good rationale for pharma to both […]

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Avoiding Global Digital Faux Pas

International websites bring forward a myriad of challenges that need to be carefully examined. We’ve seen in the news how one cultural norm online can end up making global news. What happens to the slip-up that doesn’t make national news but turns off an entire country of people? Most Common Misstep The most common misstep […]

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