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Radical Creativity and a Little Bit of Dirty Talk

  If your strategy is to “think outside the box,” you might as well give up. Because today, there is no box.  There’s no cardboard container that defines yesterday’s boundaries. Today we live in a world of radical connectivity, where ideas intermingle, evolve and explode in the digital ether of creativity. Today we live within […]

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Real Advertising Lessons from Reality TV

I’ll admit it. On occasion, I’ve been known to escape reality by watching a reality show (or two or three). But I can elevate nearly every show beyond a guilty pleasure by teasing out a lesson or two about advertising. Let’s start with an obvious one, “The Pitch.” Yes, it’s what you think it is. […]

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Ogilvy Healthworld Idea Shop: Bringing Limitless Creativity to Healthcare Communications

Last year, I participated in an Idea Shop hosted by Ogilvy & Mather UK. Idea Shop is a “pop-up agency” with volunteers from Ogilvy & Mather UK giving their own time to come and offer free marketing ideas to small local businesses, charities, entrepreneurs and community projects. I spent a day at the pop-up shop […]

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