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Coming Home


Is it a better opportunity? What’s the environment and company philosophy? Is there an overall growth plan? How are the benefits? Would it be better for me and my family? What’s the commute like? What happens if I leave? What happens if I stay? What happens if I leave and I’m not happy—could I come […]

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Intro to Ogilvy: The Journey Comes to a Close

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 Why would you work for Ogilvy CommonHealth? The internship is coming to a close and in my final few weeks I’m beginning to sort through some things that I have enjoyed. There is getting to meet individuals from all different professional and personal backgrounds. The Starbucks coffee machine downstairs—and if it’s a really good day, […]

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Intro to Ogilvy: An Intern’s Adventure

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Summer: Preparing for the Journey June rolls around and it is in your nature to assume the road ahead will be full of the outdoors, fun destinations, social gatherings with friends, and personal productivity to accomplish those important goals that seem to be neglected throughout the school year—such as finishing three seasons of Game of […]

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Speed That Belies Size

The interwebs sparks all sorts of great stories. Cat videos are awesome. Only boutique agencies “get” digital. And big agencies are only good for bloat. We can all agree on the first. The latter two—well, as “Mortal Kombat” used to kick off its matches: Fight! Which is not to say there aren’t odd days in […]

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