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Immunotherapy: Has the Answer to Cancer Been Inside Us All Along?

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VP, group copy supervisor at Ogilvy Healthworld in New York, Lawrence Hannon, explores how the explosion of immunotherapy advancements have changed the way we look at oncology treatments.

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An Observer’s View of the Cancer Wars

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SCI Scientific Communications & Information’s Debra Joyce examines the 40+ year battle of cancer research and challenges in the oncology environment.

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Bringing Sexy Back…to Science

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Thank God for The Big Bang Theory. They’ve made it cool to be a nerd again. While traditional brand attributes (efficacy, safety, dosing, etc) will always be of key importance, the last few years have seen a renaissance of scientific enlightenment as physicians across disciplines take a closer look at not only how well a […]

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Oncologists to Initiate Discussion Around Value

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Earlier this month a new initiative was announced to encourage oncologists to discuss the price and relative value of cancer medicines with their patients. No, this was not driven by executive fiat as part of the ACA, nor is it the brainchild of an insurance carrier. Instead, it comes from the American Society of Clinical […]

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A Growing Cost Consciousness in Oncology

Diagnostics are improving.  The US population is aging. Patients are living longer. Pipelines are filled disproportionately with both large and small molecules targeted across numerous tumor types. An increased number of generically available cancer therapies and biosimilars are looming on the horizon. With all these factors at work, the United States healthcare system continues to […]

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