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My First Experience Working on a New Business Pitch


At first I was apprehensive about working on a pitch. And by apprehensive, I mean…terrified. I heard about the sleepless nights. I heard about the weeks in overdrive. I heard about the soul-stealing, confidence-crushing monster (perhaps known by others as a time crunch). I imagined myself going into crisis mode…which isn’t pretty, let me tell […]

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Who Sped Up The Pitch Clock?

What is happening to pharma’s new business pitch process? It seems that recently the process has become more and more compressed. Major partnership decisions are being made based on a one-hour presentation—which is based on the agencies often being given only two weeks to prepare a full pitch, including brand strategy and creative. While I […]

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There’s No Crying In Advertising

Spring fever. Who doesn’t succumb at one time or another? And I am not talking about seasonal allergic rhinitis, though we have expertise in that, too. I am talking about baseball, the great American (and now international) pastime, and its connection to our industry. In what ways you ask? Just look at some of our […]

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