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Fax: The Forgotten Tactic

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You may be missing the proverbial marketing boat by not including fax in your marketing mix when communicating to healthcare professionals and their office staff. Faxing still works, and your audience wants them. Why do we select the tactics we do? Historical performance, logic, and strategic context go into creating campaigns for clients. Consideration for […]

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5 Outrageous Claims from Pharmaceutical Advertising

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Does the public actually believe the pharmaceutical ads they see on TV? Will a doctor change a treatment plan based on a new popular drug advertised on TV that everyone is talking about? According to a 2004 FDA survey, the answer is yes. Doctors feel pressure from their patients to prescribe a brand name drug […]

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Why Numbers Can’t Tell Us Everything

I’ve been on a tear recently about the numerical bias that is starting to take over our world. There seems to be an obsession with proving that the numbers are all we need to know, and I’m just not buying it. I’m referring to the tendency for news agencies to use statistical tidbits like the […]

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