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Sleuthing for Clues: A Planner’s Story


I am currently an associate rotating through Ogilvy Healthworld’s planning department. This month I have been tasked with working on an oncology brand in its mission to become the drug of choice for HCPs when prescribing patients with chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML) a first- or second-line treatment. As an agency, we must develop a bold […]

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Infographics as a Pharmaceutical Marketing Tool

Infographics—they are everywhere. In the last two years alone, the search volume for infographics has increased by an astounding 800%. Through 2011-2012, that equated to approximately 301,000 Google searches a month. Infographics aren’t really a new trend, but rather a trend that has been reinvigorated through the continued upswing in social media channels. For those […]

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What Do You Get When You Cross “Titanic” With “Dances With Wolves?”

The answer is you get James Cameron’s Avatar. Or Disney’s Pocahontas. So why do these stories recur, and why do they retain their potency and appeal? The reason is simple. And incredibly powerful. We keep buying the same stories because they reflect psychological truths hardwired into us all (as identified by Jung’s “collective unconscious”), and […]

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