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Social Media for Pharma?

stethoscope social media

Have you been looking for a way for your brand to engage in social media? Are you unsure of what the draft FDA guidance on social media means? Looking for some tips to help get you started? If so, you’re in the right place. Social media has been an integral part of the digital marketer’s […]

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When Did Social Media Become Social Obligation?

As a writer at Ogilvy CommonHealth Medical Marketing, part of my job is to understand the usefulness of social media as part of the marketing process. Because my interest is keen, I like to consider all aspects of the platform, whether negative or positive. One aspect of social media that fascinates me is whether what […]

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Why Numbers Can’t Tell Us Everything

I’ve been on a tear recently about the numerical bias that is starting to take over our world. There seems to be an obsession with proving that the numbers are all we need to know, and I’m just not buying it. I’m referring to the tendency for news agencies to use statistical tidbits like the […]

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